Why Is Youtube So Popular?

Why Is Youtube So Popular?

07/19/2018 2 By admin

Youtube is not just used by the younger generations. In fact, it has become the most used video streaming platform all over the world, having millions of viewers tuning in every day to their favorite channels and YouTubers.

People engage in this social media platform to search for various education videos, product testimonials, and entertainment. With the millions of channels that currently exist on Youtube, there is always something new to watch. It is simple, user-friendly and accessible. On top of this, the videos are easily shared on other channels like Facebook and Twitter.

So why exactly are people in love with Youtube?

Strong Content Identification System

Piracy has remained an issue for decades. But it can be difficult for people to post fraudulent copies of videos on Youtube due to its robust content identification system. The company has spent money and time developing this security system that protects content producers from having their rights violated.

Copyright owners get to select from various options on how they want to set their infringement setting – ranging from muting or blocking the video to monetize them if their own them.

Content Diversity

Every person who has used Youtube has probably experienced getting hooked for hours, captivated by the videos within the platform.

Channels in youtube focus on many different categories, ranging from beauty, lifestyles, travel, vlogging, gaming, to food and reaction videos. The diversification present in YT is something you can never find on the television – the reason why the Millenials, Generation Z are slowly switching to Youtube and forgetting about cable TV.

Channels Are Monetized

On other websites, you need to be a major contributor to be able to receive some revenue from your content. But in YT, anybody can publish a video and monetize it.

The compensations are essentially part of the Content ID Systemas they incentivize other users who have found a match to a duplicated video. Content creators gain some compensation from the ads on their videos.


Being a content creator, or commonly known as a YouTuber has evolved into a lucrative form of livelihood for some people. To help maintain the quality of their videos, Youtube takes care of their YouTubers. On the other side of the coin, these content creators strictly follow the quality guidelines of producing quality content.

Furthermore, these professionals start to hang out with each other, causing a dynamic community that has taken shape in recent years. On the other side, their followers can leave comments on their posts. They even get the chance to meet their favorite YouTubers through meet and greets.

Viewer Purchasing Behavior

Between the ads, prominent influencers actually have a significant impact on consumers. This is why partnering with an influencer on Youtube can help boost a brand’s sales.

A report by Youtube also states that their influencers from the beauty, auto vehicle and tech categories have influenced the purchasing behavior of their viewers from 62% to 72%. But even if your business falls into a different category, there is still a huge chance that you can influence your viewer’s buying decisions. You can find the report here.

SEO and Website Traffic

Having good quality videos and an impressive number of followers on Youtube can help you boost your website’s SEO. This will enable you to increase your site’s popularity while gaining a competitive edge. Internet Marketers have used Youtube to get more conversions on their site for years, and they even now continue to do so.

They do this by adding special tags to their videos, increasing the odds of their products, brand names and channels pop up in the organic searches for keywords on search engines. Having even a single popular video on YT can potentially gain a lot of clicks and backlinks to your site.

There are so many reasons why Youtube is extremely popular today with marketers and users. On top of the DIYs, tutorials, reviews, and sketches, you can actually find self-produced films and random entertaining clips on this social site. Furthermore, the fact that they put value and prioritize their video creators contributes to the grand success of the company.