What Makes Instagram Users Happy?

What Makes Instagram Users Happy?

09/28/2018 Off By admin

No one can deny that Instagram becomes the social representation of the self. Companies and businesses even use these to ensure that their customers and prospect audience get to socialize with them. In a way, it is still a tool of social representation for many enterprises regardless of their industry and niche.

There are many studies that inform you if a person is depressed based on their Instagram account. There is also another study┬áthat says Instagram is not good for the young people’s mental health. If you type mental health and social media in Google, you will find many different research pieces suggesting that the use of social media accounts like Facebook and Instagram has a correlation with unhealthy levels of narcissism.

If you look closely, Instagram is not all about presenting yourself in a favorable light. Although studies say that excessive use of social media can yield negative effects to one’s mental health, there is no denying that there are multiple and positive uses to Instagram too. Some people use Instagram for many different, yet happy, reasons.

Their Expression of Creativity

Instagram users are happy because they can express their creativity. Since this social media platform is visually driven, creative people can express their artistic abilities. There are so many Instagram users who have gone viral and became very popular because of their creative expression on Instagram. In addition, a picture tells a thousand words.

To some, they use photos and post it on Instagram to express their emotions – whether they are good or bad. In return, the user feels relieved and happy to unload whatever he or she is thinking and feeling.

Their Engagement On A Socially Driven Platform

Instagram is still a social media platform. So when you open your account to the public, you can expect some negativity from online haters. However, people who have kept their accounts private and open only to their followers tend to be more satisfied with their social activity.

They receive less and unnecessary comments and they can candidly speak their mind without the worry of getting backlashes by a random IG user. Furthermore, IG’s Direct Message feature allows the users to communicate with one another and omitting other messaging apps that they have used before.

Their Chance to Microblog

People can easily microblog without the need to set up their own website. You have seen this. There are some prominent bloggers who ended up expanding their reach through microblogging on Instagram. KC Stauffer, a mommy blogger, and a social media influencer is one of the most popular microbloggers today.

She shares her family stories and the quirks of her children on IG, and makes sure that she fills up the caption to tell a complete and elaborate story of the moment. Because she is also a professional photographer, you can tell that her Instagram feed is a true representation and expression of a creative mind.

Their Use of IG Stories

Not only you can showcase stunning photos, but you can also share your daily whereabouts, activities and more on your IG stories. Ever since Instagram integrated Snapchat-like features, the users on this platform have spent more time with it.

The filters are fun, and the other features such as the boomerang and slow-mo are constantly used by the people on Instagram too. Businesses share behind-the-scenes and company-related events that their audience may be interested to know about.

Free Use of the App

Anybody can sign up on Instagram for free. Even the companies who acquired for business accounts do not have to pay for their registration. Think about it. Companies that sign up for free can use IG to help them generate income.

Even though it is free, Instagram sustains and thrives with ads, just like Facebook. Most of their income comes from this. Unless you want to publish an ad on Instagram, you can use it endlessly for free!

There are many negative connotations about social media, particularly Instagram. But the reality is, there are some people and establishments who truly benefit from it. As long as people continue to utilize the platform consciously and ethically, they will continue to feel happy using it.