The Two Best Tricks To Bring Back Your Disabled Instagram Account

The Two Best Tricks To Bring Back Your Disabled Instagram Account

09/15/2018 Off By admin

Instagram has made an update that they are starting to deactivate and delete accounts whether they are for business or personal use.

Nobody, not even an Instagram-using teenager would want his or her account to get suspended. For some people, this social media platform has become a habit, an obsession, and even a source of income for some. With that being said, here are 6 reasons why Instagram could have deleted or disabled your account.

  1. It has detected that the activity on your account is caused by the unreliable automated bot or software you purchased.
  2. It has detected excessive Likes and Comments in a very short span of time.
  3. It thinks you are a spammer.
  4. It has detected unusual activities like logging in using a different device from a very odd physical location.
  5. It has declared that you have a post or posts infringing a trademark, or that you violated the copyright terms without any permission from the original poster.
  6. It has seen that your account contains pornographic content.

Instagram is a very smart network and it can easily track your account and its activity. If you are not careful with the tools you use, it can easily detect if your account is being operated by a robot or a real human.

Now, if your account got disabled, or worse – got deleted, it could be tricky to get it back. But to save you time in researching, there is no way for you to get your deleted account back. Not unless you have connections with Mark Zuckerberg. If you are currently looking for a customer support, or any contact details that can reach the people behind Instagram, you are out of luck.

Here are two if the best tricks to try to help you get back your IG account.

Trick#1: Use the Underage Card

This is a section found in their support center. Start filling out all the necessary information for your account. Make sure that you are thorough at describing the problem in the description section, then say that you think your account has been disabled because you are underage.

Assure them that you are over the minimum age requirement and that you can send an ID if needed. Then, send your form. After submitting this information, you should receive an email from them asking for an ID. If you have not heard from them for over two weeks, go back and submit another form.

Trick #2 Report As Hacked

This used to be the best way in recovering a disabled account. But ever since the update has been launched, IG has somehow hidden this option away. You would need to dig deep to find this. To guide you through it, here are the steps you need to take:

Go to Instagram Support Center> Privacy & Safety Center> Report Something> Impersonation Accounts> “What can I do if someone is impersonating me on Instagram”> “fill out this form.”

The last option will route you to a new window where you can fill out the form. Prepare your account URL and username. Upload the image of how your account used to look like and take a screenshot of how it looks at its current state. Make sure that you tick that there is another person who is impersonating you.

In addition, it is crucial that you select “NO” that you do not have an IG account. Take a photo of your Government-issued ID and make sure to block out your ID number and address. After this process, you can expect an email within 10 to 15 minutes. Provide the requested information and hit send.

There are still other ways and techniques to retrieve a disabled account. However, these two mentioned above are the most effective and widely used resolutions. Was this article helpful? Let us know by leaving a comment below.