The Top Tips For Photographers on Instagram

The Top Tips For Photographers on Instagram

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Instagram is just the right place for photographers to showcase their talent and find projects. If you have the skills and know how to take amazing photos, don’t wait anymore to launch your very own photography business account on the social media platform. In this article, we talk about all tips you need to know stay at the top of your game on Instagram. Let’s get started! 

Instagram photo tips to boost follower count 

Creating the right story adshelp, but they are just one part of the story. Here is what you need to do.

1. Use a professional camera

Since you are a professional photographer, you would already have a professional camera. All the photos you upload should be clicked using the camera, so the quality is the same throughout your profile. Also, you have a lot of freedom to edit these photos and videos as opposed to the ones you click using mobile phones. If you don’t have one, we recommend you to invest in one because it adds material and weight to your profile. 

2. Give the story behind every post

The most wonderful part of photography is that there’s a unique story behind every photo. Don’t be afraid to share the story thinking what other people will think. Put yourself out there and people will appreciate you. You can share details of the location you shot the photo. Tag the venue, caterers, decorators, and people you clicked as it makes the photo reach a larger audience. 

tag venues and people 

3. Experiment with different editing techniques 

Post multiple versions of the same photo using different editing techniques and ask your followers which one looks the best. Do this occasionally to update your account theme, so you continue receiving more followers and the posts remain fresh. You can also experiment with different Instagram filters. 

Don’t consider your account as your portfolio but a place where you can let your imagination run wild. One photo or a series of photos isn’t going to interest anyone into hiring one but use the account as a business card to promote your skills and business. 

Choosing between image dimensions for photographers

The dimensions you use for your photos has a huge impact on your style and how your followers receive you. There are four image dimensions you can use on Instagram, so let’s look at each of their pros and cons.

1. Square

Square is the very first dimension that was available on Instagram, which is why most people relate those photos. However, it doesn’t give a feeling that the photo is shot by a professional photographer. 

2. Vertical

Even though they look good and take up the viewer’s entire screen, photographers right it difficult to compose them. Since the dimension is different than what you click on the camera, you will have to crop the photos.

3. Horizontal 

It is the most favorable for photographers as it gives out a clear message — look at me, I am a photographer. It is slightly shorter than the square dimension and works well with a variety of audience. 

4. Photos with white borders

The loudest and strongest indicator of being a photographer is photos with white borders. It is a theme and a dimension, so if you decide to go with this, you will have to continue with it forever. However, chances of getting regrammed by Instagram magazines are lower. 

photos with white borders
photos with white borders

There’s no best option as a lot depends on the style of photography. Stick to horizontal and vertical photos with a white border, so Instagram doesn’t crop the thumbnail image. 

Top 3 tips for Instagram for photographers

1. Give a glimpse of behind the scenes

People love to see behind the scenes of everything from photo shoots to comedy video shoots. Give them what they want and they will continue following you. Also, it makes your account less formal and more playful and fun. If you have an Instagram wedding photography account, capture small videos of the bride and groom laughing and dancing while you are clicking their photos. 

behind the scenes
behind the scenes

2. Follow the KISS principle

Instagram is all about minimalism, so follow the KISS principle which means Keep it simple, sweetie. Share a story with every post you upload but keep it concise. Don’t confuse your followers by changing the theme too often. Any time you plan to change the theme, ask them for a feedback. 

3. Have fun and interact with your followers 

Instagram is a social media platform turned into a powerful marketing tool. Promote your work but make sure you make new friends at the same time. Ask your followers for a true feedback, which you can use to improve your skills. 

Best 3 content Instagram photography tips

1. Post quality content

When it comes to all social media platforms, aesthetics matter the most. If one of your followers is with their friends, they should go — hey, check out this account @______, they upload awesome photos. You can post three photos of the same event to generate more content. However, once you decide to do that, stick with the style as your followers will get used to it. If you make changes, be prepared to lose some followers. 

2. Schedule posts

Use automation tools to schedule posts, so you stay active on Instagram while you are busy with shoots. We recommend you Instanobel, which is an affordable automation tool that turns into your personal Instagram assistant and helps you with the workload. 

3. Post consistently 

Consistency is the key for growing all types of business accounts on Instagram. As we mentioned in the earlier point, schedule posts, so you are a regular despite having a busy schedule. Find the best time to upload your posts, so your photos receive maximum reach. We hope all these Instagram tips for photographers helped you. If you any doubts or want to know more mention your queries in the comments below.