The Instagram age demographic

The Instagram age demographic

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It is now becoming impossible to imagine life without social media platforms.

Social media has become a way of life and is prevalent and accepted in every society over the world. It has definitely changed the way people communicate with each other. The social media channels are now the main platforms to stay connected with friends and family, meet new people, share creative ideas and thoughts, take part or voice your opinion about a cause or issue and also grow your business.

What age groups use Instagram

The young generation does not seem to have any difficulty in using the internet and the latest technologies as today’s kids are engaged in using smartphones or tablets from a very young age.

The various social media platforms are used differently by people of different ages and regions.

When it comes to the young generation, Instagram is by far the most widely used social media platform. As most of the young generation kids today have never seen life without social media or the internet, the way they use these platforms is very different from what people perceive.

Instagram offers visual content, and the young people of today prefer visual over heavy content. It is more fun and interesting to view images or videos than read the content. Plus, a visual allows people from different backgrounds connect more easily; there is no language for visual or the need for it.

Younger users at Instagram

Teens and young people of today, age ranging from 13 to 24 years, use Instagram very differently than the older age group. There is an unspoken rule on using such social media platforms. Unlike in the past where people openly pour out their hearts on the social media, the young people today are cautious with what they post on their accounts.

A lengthy process of filtering takes place before posting an image. This is because they understand that whatever image or video they post today may affect their future prospects. Parents of today are also more technology savvy than before, so they often monitor the screen time and the internet usage of their children, and most parents often lay down the rules before allowing their child to access the internet and such social media platforms.

Instagram is undoubtedly the realm of the teenagers.

According to a recent survey, there are more young people, especially teenagers using Instagram than any other social media platform and how the teens spend their time on this social media is very different from how adults use their social media accounts.

Adults may check their Facebook or Twitter accounts all day to check updates and new post, but for teenagers, their Instagram account is a way to validate themselves. While adults post images to let other believe that the picture-perfect image is the life they are living, teenagers give more importance to the number of people following them and the number of people they follow back.

It is what they call the ‘cool ratio,’ the number of followers should be more than the number of followings. It is all a number game to them and also a definite way of knowing and getting the attention they fish for. It is more innocent than what older people may believe to be.

As Instagram is where the young people flock and where the young people are, the others will also soon follow. Instagram is the preferred medium for the youths to share ideas and thoughts, meet new people and get the latest updates of events and people around the world.

Today Instagram is trending among the young generation; tomorrow another social media may reign. Either way, social media platforms will be here to keep people connected and share their lives and creativity.