The Better Upleap Alternative: Try Free Instanobel Trial Now

The Better Upleap Alternative: Try Free Instanobel Trial Now

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Instagram is all about putting your best version out there. That’s how you get brand deals, get to interact with hundreds of people every day, and support social causes. Build a social media strategy that focuses on not only increasing followers but improving user engagement. When other Instagram users see that your followers engage on your posts, they will be curious about getting to know you and start following. In this article, we will talk about how a high follower count help you, different ways to get IG followers, and a better Upleap alternative. 

How can more number of Instagram followers help you?

People start increasing their follower count for a variety of reasons. It depends on what you are seeking as a person. Here are three reasons why you should have more number of Instagram followers:

1. Get to work with brands you love and earn money

Each one of us is loyal to a number of brands and we swear by them. It would be so fun to work with them, interact with other influencers, and receive free products. It will not only fill up your bank account but also give you this amazing opportunity to travel across the country for free. When you get chosen as a brand ambassador, you get free products and VIP invitation to attend new product launch parties and success parties. 

Another way to earn is through affiliate marketing. Ask different brands to give you a special link. If anyone purchases their product using your link, you will earn a percentage of the profit. It is a great way to make passive income. 

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2. Become famous and make contacts 

The more followers you have, the more opportunities you have to interact with celebrities. You should invest in personality development, so you come as a intellectual person who knows how to have fun. When you make contacts, you can host events together, online and offline. You can perform guest blogging, go on trips together, and use it as a way to gain each other’s followers.  

3. Reach out to like-minded people 

Through Instagram, you can reach out and interact with people who hold the same believes. Consider your followers as social currency and use it to guide them towards the right causes. It is refreshing to talk to a stranger and connect with them in simple ways after coming home after a long day at work. A strong follower count is a good way for starting a new business. You have your audience ready, so all you have to do is start developing products and offer them in the most attractive way possible. 

Different strategies to get followers fast

We all know different ways to increase Instagram followers but give up because they don’t work. It takes time to see the count increasing and it is the most difficult in the beginning. We have three unique strategies that you can use for your Instagram account:

1. Post photos during the peak hours 

Find the time your target audience is the most active as it will help you get the best engagement possible. According to Instagram, peak hour of the social media platform between 2 to 3 pm central time every day and between 5 to 6 pm on Wednesdays. Apart from these, every Instagram account has different peak hours and you will only be able to find them if you upload during different hours. 

2. Space the uploads and don’t stop experimenting 

You can upload as many times as you can. Don’t worry about annoying people because they will only appreciate spending time in sharing more content with them. Those people who get annoyed are those who are jealous and will unfollow whether you upload regularly or not. Don’t only focus on the posts but also use live streams, stories, and the swipe-up feature to attract different types of followers. 

3. Follow users in your niche 

Open your competitor’s profile, click on the followers, and follow them. This is a simple way to direct traffic towards your account. Get over the misconception that to sound serious you need to have a smaller following count and a bigger follower count. No one will question it and will consider you as a down to each and understanding person. Follow everyone who seems real but block the spam fake accounts or bots because they can get you in real trouble. 

Finding the best Upleap alternative

We all know that Upleap is a famous virtual Instagram manager that helps you get more IG followers, like and comment on other people’s posts, and send direct messages. However, it is an expensive service and is a luxury if you are on a tight budget. 

Super costly packages 

Packages start at $39 per month, which doesn’t sound like a lot of money but as we mentioned earlier, you need to spend a lot of time to make anything work. You will have to purchase it for an entire year, which can cost you $468. That’s the cost of the most basic package. 

The premium package costs $99 for a month, which means you need to spend $1,188 a year to make things work. That’s too much money spent on something you don’t know whether it will work or not. It only sounds right to find an Upleap alternative, which is more affordable and guarantees the same results. 

Less flexibility with the packages 

When you purchase the Lite package, Upleap only offers three features — account manager, target hashtags, and target similar users. It isn’t until you purchase the Premium package that you get access to target locations, faster organic growth, and premium support features. It doesn’t make sense to purchase something expensive when you can get the same features for 1/5th price. 

Doesn’t protect you from Instagram’s suspension 

If you use this software and it doesn’t comply with Instagram’s policies, your account will be suspended. It is extremely difficult to get back the account and you have to fulfill a lot of requirements. If that ever happens, Upleap won’t ever come to your rescue or fight on your behalf. 

What’s the difference between Upleap vs Instanobel?

After trying different alternatives, we found the best service — Instanobel. It has super affordable packages that bring you organic followers and works like your own manager. Here’s a comparison table that you will convince you into purchasing the service. 

 Instanobel Upleap 
Price Packages start at $14 a month.Packages start at $39 a month. 
Followers Instanobel will only bring you organic, real followers as you choose the target audience.There are a lot of limitations when it comes to followers as there might be some bot accounts.
Likes and commentsInstanobel will like and comment on your behalf, which you can customize according to the target audience. You need a special package for that.
AnalyticsIf you want to know the current statistics, visit the website to get live analytics.Live analytics feature isn’t available. 
Advanced targeting There’s no limitation when it comes to advanced targeting.Different packages allow different filters to customize your reach.
Customer review All those who have tried Instanobel swear by its authenticity. Free Instagram followers reddit vote it as one of the best automation tools. Upleap reviews are mixed. They can be real or paid reviews.  

Final thoughts 

Don’t waste any time thinking about it and become a part of the Instanobel family. Sign-up for the three-day trial right away.