The Better Instazood Alternative: Try Free Instanobel Trial Now

The Better Instazood Alternative: Try Free Instanobel Trial Now

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As a beginner, uploading photos on Instagram and not getting enough followers, likes, or comments can be discouraging. The key to becoming a successful Instagrammer is not giving up. You have to continue engaging with the small number of followers you have, write comments and encouraging words on other people’s posts, and keep uploading photos. In this article, we have six amazing ways to grow Instagram followers and a wonderful alternative to Instazood. 

Three effective ways to gain followers on Instagram 

Gaining followers is all about trying small, different, but effective ways together. The idea is that when you try different things, they support each other and bring engagement. Here are three ways you can gain IG followers:

1. Tell people what they will get after following you

People will follow only if they know what they are receiving. Today, Instagram has become a place where you can promote yourself. You can be a dancer, painter, entrepreneur, or a writer and people expect to learn tricks and tips from you. So that’s what you should be giving them. Promote your Instagram account on other social media platforms and tell them that you will offer them behind-the-scenes, insights on famous celebrities in your field, a glimpse in your personal life, and photos from different places you visit.  

2. Only upload the best images

Your Instagram handle is like a portfolio, so don’t be ashamed of spending hours editing a photo to make it perfect for uploading on the social media platform. Invest time in finding out the type of photos you want to upload. If they are good in the first place, you will have to spend only little time to edit them. You can purchase presets from famous Instagram influencers or make them on your own. 

3. Keep a clean bio 

Your bio should be a short description of who you are, a custom hashtag, and a website link (if you have one). Limit the emoticons to two to three because using too many can confuse the reader and you can come off as immature. 

How to boost Instagram followers?

4. Use action verbs in your post captions

Instagram users love descriptive captions. To increase the engagement even more, end the caption with a question. It can be something as simple as what is your favorite color or it can be something difficult as the worst fear you experienced as a new parent. People love reading these stories and you can have people interact with each other. 

5. Post often 

There have been research that claimed uploading too many posts in a day drive lower user engagement. However, that’s not true as there is no connection between posts and engagement. On the other hand, people love getting updates on other Instagram users, so use it to your benefit. 

6. Use geotagging 

If you are a local business, geotagging is the best way you can reach to people in your area. Instagram will show those in the same area your posts. It is a simple yet effective way to reach out to your target audience. You can send your products for free to growing Instagram influencers in your area, so they review it, and connect you to your target audience. 

What is the best Instazood alternative?

Before we start finding Instazood alternative, let’s find out what the service is all about. Instazood is an Instagram automation tool that works like your personal helper and likes, comments, follows, and unfollows users on your behalf. You can also make it view Instagram stories and check DMs and construct a customized response. 

However, Instazood uses bots to increase your follower count, so even if the number is increasing, you won’t get engagement. Rather than spending money on something fake, you can invest the same money in finding real followers and organic likes and comments. 

According to Instazood reviews, the best alternative to the service is Instanobel. It is an all-affordable service where you can purchase real followers, likes, and different packages to manage your Instagram account while meeting your professional and personal commitments. 

Here are four packages available at the Instazood free alternative:

1. Promotion

This package costs you $19 a month and allows you to manage one Instagram account. You can automate likes, comments, follows, and unfollows, which you can target by using location, hashtags, and competitor. 

2. Direct marketing

In the Direct Marketing package, you can send multiple automatic DMs, create campaigns to reach out to your existing follower base, and send images and emoticons as well. You can also send one link to a selected number of followers. It costs $14 a month.

3. Comment tracker

Comment Tracker costs $14 a month and helps you to increase your engagement by two times. On purchasing this product, Instanobel will automatically reply to comments, mark comments that are important, and delete spam comments. You can also view comments history, so you can get creative and keep the content fresh. 

4. Scheduled posting 

The Scheduled Posting package costs $14 a month as well and makes Instanobel asks like your account manager. You can schedule Instagram posts, post images and videos according to your schedule, upload posts from your computer, and delete and draft posts. 

Before buying any of these packages, you can sign-up for the three-day trial period and experiment with all these features. See your follower count grow and then buy a package that meets your requirements. It is the perfect alternative zu Instazood and can get more followers. Don’t forget to practice the different ways we told you to engage users. 

Difference between Instazood vs Instanobel

Now that we know what Instanobel is all about, let’s check the differences between Instazood and Instanobel to check if it is really good.

Package cost  Instanobel package costs are higher than Instazood but they offer more features than the latter service.Instazood packages start from $9.99 a month. There are limitation to the number of direct messages and uploads you can make in a day. 
Followers All users that follow you are real people, which drive up post engagement. Instazood never confirmed that the followers you get are real or bots. 
Likes and commentsWhen you select your target group, Instanobel checks the accounts and only likes and comments on real accounts and not bots.The comments aren’t personalized but you can modify your target audience using multiple filters. 
Analytics Instanobel is all about showing you the current statistics, so you can upload posts and boost engagement.After you Instazood login, the website doesn’t show you live analytics. 
Targeting Instanobel allows advanced targeting.Instazood allows advanced targeting as well.
Customer reviews Its three-day trial version has shown amazing results. We tried it and recommend it to aspiring Instagram influencers and upcoming brands. You can use it as a manager and develop your own follower count boosting strategies. Instazood can get in trouble because it uses bots to drive engagement. It doesn’t go well with Instagram’s rules and regulations and can lead to your account getting suspended. This is our Instazood review.

Which the better choice?

After looking at the differences, we would go with Instanobel. With the chances of Instazood not working in the future, don’t waste your money for purchasing fake followers when there’s an alternative to find real followers. Don’t wait anywhere and sign-up for the trial today!