The Better Instagress Alternative: Try Free Instanobel Trial Now

The Better Instagress Alternative: Try Free Instanobel Trial Now

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Instagram is all about hope. If you become famous, you can boost your career as an Instagram influencer, work with brands, and travel the world. It opens you to a whole new world, where you can be yourself, have hundreds of thousands of people follow you, and voice your opinion. When you have popularity, you can join campaigns you believe in and even donate to the needy. In this article, we will tell you about different ways to get real Instagram followers and the best software for boosting your follower count. 

How to get real followers on Instagram?

The mantra is simple – increase engagement on your Instagram account, so people see the value behind following you. Here are three ways you can get real followers on Instagram:

1. Use a dedicated hashtag to cross-promote your brand

If you are a new and upcoming brand, ask your customers to cross-promote your company when they upload Instagram photos of your products or services. Create a hashtag specific to your brand, so when an Instagram user clicks on it, they are redirected to different customer photos and your account. 

2. Participate in trending conversations

If a famous celebrity uploads a photo or there’s a hot topic trending on Instagram, participate in conversations. If the people who you interact with find you interesting and like your profile, they will follow you. Make sure to follow them back and conduct guest blogging to gain each other’s followers. 

3. Use descriptive captions 

Use impactful and descriptive captions along with your Instagram videos and photos. Don’t write too long and divide the content into multiple paragraphs. Use different fonts and enrich your words with emoticons, but don’t use too many as it gets difficult to read. 

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What is Instagress?

Instagress is a popular website to buy followers, comments, and likes on Instagram. It has time packages, which lets you focus the paid traffic on different things including likes, comments, follows, and unfollows. 

Here are three features of Instagress that you need to know about:

1. You can filter your target audience

You can customize the location of your target audience, tags, and username. It helps you target people who belong to a related niche. For example, if you are a beauty brand, you can target followers on Kylie Jenner, who owns her own makeup brand. 

2. You can automate comments on other people’s photos 

No one has enough time to comment on different people’s photos and videos. Instead, you can automate comments with Instagress. You can customize the comments, so they appear personal, and the people will follow you back. 

3. You can customize activity speed 

You can customize the number of likes, comments, follows, and unfollows on a per hour or per day basis. 

When it comes to getting more followers, Instagress was every Instagrammers first choice. But now that it is no more active, we have to find a good alternative for it. 

Finding an Instagress alternative

We have three good reasons why you need to find an Instagress alternative. Let’s take a look:

1. It can land you in trouble

Building an Instagram following takes a lot of time. You need to invest a lot of time, take professional photos, and upload regularly, which isn’t possible to manage with our busy schedules. However, using Instagress violates Instagram’s Platform Policybecause it uses bots to boost your follower count. 

2. Instagress is no more active

The first reason continues to the second benefit to finding an alternative to Instagress. There was this photographer, whose Instagram account suddenly was shut down. He tried contacting Instagram support but all his efforts went unanswered. To get his account back, he made another Instagram account and made a post that went viral and Instagram returned his account with all followers, posts, and comments intact. The whole thing happened because of helpful bots that followed the photographer even though he didn’t sign-up on any websites that increase followers. Ultimately, Instagram asked for Instagress to be closed and they were successful in doing so.  

3. There are other websites with better features 

Instagress had limited features, so there wasn’t much you could do other than follow people, like, and comment on their photos and videos. It was an expensive feature and doesn’t guarantee results. You can save that money and go to your favorite restaurant for dinner. It didn’t offer great customer support either, so if people experienced any difficulty, it never got solved. There are several alternative to Instagress, which offer a better service. 

Which one is better – Instagress vs Instanobel?

You don’t need to find an Instagress alternative because we have done that work for you. Introducing, Instanobel, one of the most famous Instagram promotion services, in the market that promises real followers and organic comments. Let’s compare the two services, Instagress and Instanobel, and find out which one is the better choice using points from Instagress alternative reddit. 

Point of difference InstagressInstanobel
Cost Instagress had time-sensitive packages ranging from $1.99 for three days to $9.99 for 30 days. Even though it appears cheap, it wasn’t because most of the months, Instagress couldn’t even get you 200 followers. It focused more on likes, which is something you can do in your free time as well. On Instanobel, you get 1,000 organic likes for only $0.7 and 1,000 real Instagram followers for only $9. You can space the followers throughout the day, so Instagram doesn’t notice any suspicious activity.  Other packages include Promotion, which costs $19 a month and helps you manage followers, automatic comments, and targeting an audience using keywords and location; Direct Marketing, which costs $14 and helps you send automatic DMs and create campaigns; Comment Tracker costs $14 and answers comments, makes comments on other people’s posts, and deletes spam comments; and Scheduled Posting, which is priced at $14 helps upload posts and videos at a fixed time from your desktop. You can draft posts and keep it ready to be uploaded by Instanobel. 
Type of followersWith Instagress, one wasn’t really sure if the followers were real or bots because it got into a lot of trouble with Instagram regarding the issue. Instanobel assures you that all its followers are real people, who will follow you only if they like your content or product. 
Likes and comments As we mentioned earlier, Instagress focused on likes. You could automate the comments but they weren’t personalized and always sounded unrelated. On the other hand, Instanobel allows you to customize the comments. It has a special package that creates researched comments to mention on people’s post. You can emoticons to it as well. 
Analytics Instagress offered live analytics but it was limited to the total count of each variable. Instanobel not only gives you live analytics but also tells you who followed you. In case, some spam bots followed you can block the account immediately. 
Advanced targeting Instagress supported advanced targeting.Instanobel offers advanced targeting as well. 
Customer review Most of the customer reviews were paid reviews, so no one really knows whether it worked. Instanobel is the absolute best when it comes to boosting your follower count. We tried it and we can assure you that it is the best Instagress alternative.

Final thoughts 

After comparing the two services, we agree that Instanobel is better than Instagress. It is more advanced and offers better benefits. It is also more affordable and offers live analytics, which makes it the best alternative to Instagress. You can try the free trial package before committing to a package and if you like it, you can go for the premium version.