Social Media Platforms Most Liked by Teens

Social Media Platforms Most Liked by Teens

07/03/2018 0 By admin

Teens love to spend their time on the Internet because it is a place where they can start connecting with people and spark engaging conversations. The technology today has made it possible for teens to enhance their communication and express their opinions and feelings on a different outlet. The best place to be in is social media.

People greatly value these exchanges, and staying connected with other people online has almost become mandatory to every teenager nowadays. Aside from using social media to talk to their friends and family, these channels are also means to pass school notes and assign academic tasks.

So, what are the social channel platforms most liked by teenagers today?


Some would say that Facebook is where most teenagers hang out and communicate. Hang out, yes! But communicate, probably not! Although this is an app owned by Facebook, the features here do not overlap with your FB accounts. This is where teenagers like to communicate with their friends, mostly because their parents do not spy on this app. Just like Facebook, it allows its users to post updates, send videos and share locations over the internet.


Facebook, as many people know, is a social network where users can sign up for free, set up a personalized profile, and connect with friends and family. This is the place where teens like to share their photos, videos, and music. Most teens also use this platform to voice their concerns and opinion to the general public. In this network, you can add a friend and post anything on your timeline. It also comes with a Messenger app. It is a lot similar to WhatsApp but it contains somewhat different features in it.


Another extremely popular messaging app is Snapchat. But what makes this unique among the rest of the apps is that this is typically used to send photos and short clips. In addition, these posts or photo messages are then deleted after they have been viewed for a few seconds. The younger generation loves this social media channel because of its “self-destructive” feature. Teens can literally do anything stupid, record it, and post it on Snapchat for their followers to see. Since these are deleted after a short period of time, they do not worry about leaving evidence, unless somebody else has taken a screenshot of the clip.


Instagram is the place where other people, and not just teens, get to showcase their creativity. This is a social media network where a user can post his or her photo for his or her followers to see. They can also like the image and leave comments. People love to use this platform because they can edit their pictures, add a filter and share them with their friends. Teens get to show their creative side here and post their OOTDs (Outfit of the Day). Because this channel has not been taken over by the older generation and still holds the majority of its demographics of teens, they prefer to stay in this online space.


Twitter is also a popular social media channel for teens because this is where they mostly stay connected with their high-profile idols such as musicians, actresses, favorite poets and politicians. Because of its high number of active users, this is the best place to get real-time news and updates. Furthermore, it is also a place for people to share photos, videos, status and even memes.

Most of these social platforms are free to use, however, they come with a risk. It could be easy for teenagers to share inappropriate images or even start cyberbullying. While it is rare, there were instances where predators and other unscrupulous people targeted young victims on social media.

To be safe, parents are encouraged to investigate their children’s phones and social media accounts. This will help ensure that there are no important data being posted publicly and that these teens are protected from online predators¬†and cyberbullies.