Simple and Uncommon Social Media Marketing Techniques That Actually Work

Simple and Uncommon Social Media Marketing Techniques That Actually Work

09/22/2018 Off By admin

If you scour the internet, there is so much written about the umbrella of digital marketing that it is hard to know where to begin. It is even more difficult if you are a small business owner without any experience in the digital marketing department.

The days of distributing ads, sending brochures and paying for a small space in the newspaper are dying away. Digital use made it easier for the consumers to acquire the information, products, and services they need. If businesses do not apply digital marketing, then it would be difficult to earn some profit.

One thing many people need to understand is that it’s incredibly easy to put information online. As a result, it also gets increasingly difficult to find good information – this includes a business owner who wants to learn more about digital marketing. There’s just too much out there.

What works? What makes sense for your line of business? Where do you begin? What you need is a bit of help in ensuring that your marketing strategies are creative, effective and don’t demand too much money from you.

The answer here is Social Media Marketing! In this digital age, it would be wise to start here. It is a platform that allows you to be creative in front of your target market. Furthermore, it will not require you to shell out a lot of money.

Instagram is one of the channels that are highly used nowadays. For visually-driven businesses, IG could potentially put their business on the map and send them a strong flow of consistent profit. By posting stunning photos and arranging them to fit a clean feed, you can start attracting some followers.

Alongside posting high-quality photos, you can join weekly popular hashtags to keep your account current. Some of the most popular hashtags are #ThrowbackThursday and #FlashbackFriday. You can even coin your own hashtag and invite your followers to hop in the trend.

Aside from Instagram, Facebook is the next best platform to try. As people here are highly interactive, you can potentially make your business the “talk of the town”. All you need is a good Facebook marketing recipe. However, it is also easy to get “burned” on Facebook. So be mindful of how you use Facebook as a marketing channel. You may also check out Youtube, Pinterest, and Snapchat for other ways to capture an audience for your business.

Another way to be creative with your Social Media Marketing is about getting more people involved. You can highlight customer success stories, reviews, and testimonials. Showcasing these in your company website is an advantage because people love to get recognized and involved. Online exposure also allows your customers or clients to grow their own social media accounts. Customers are more eager to make a purchase when they have read the pros and cons of products or service they want to purchase.

Turn up the notch and build an even greater following by offering promos and discounts. It could be through email marketing or social media. People love to get a good bargain, and tapping on this basic desire to spend less will help you get more exposure. For example, you can instruct your customers that by posting a photo of their purchase and using a specialized hashtag, they can get a 20% off for their next purchase.

In the social sphere, things change really fast. New networks emerge, algorithms change, and others go through multi demographic shifts. Whatever happens, social networks will stay relevant and they are not showing any signs of slowing down anytime soon. As a webmaster and a business owner, you must keep up with these changes and regularly adjust your website and enhance your social media techniques as often as needed.

When you update your social media strategy, make sure that all the people involved in keeping your website running are updated so that everybody can continue to work together and help your business make the most out of social media.