Promoting a Handmade Account

Promoting a Handmade Account

11/30/2018 Off By admin

If you one of those creative individuals who love to make embroidery, knitting, sewing, cross-stitching, paper,  quilting, pottery, or any other hand-made craft, then you are defiantly passionate about crafts.

It doesn’t matter if you are a beginner or an expert who have some good stuff that you want to sell. Also, if you want to make hand-made crafts for a living or if you are selling your crafts, it is the perfect time to become more popular and earn a fortune from your hand-made crafts on Instagram.

If you are thinking, why Instagram, then my friend, you should know that, currently, Instagram is everything and it is everywhere these days. Instagram is a very popular social network and also it is the widely used platform to search for better products and brands. Instagram can help you get a large number of customers.

How to set up your selling profile?

So, you decided to create your selling profile on Instagram, what should you do to gain extreme sales?

If you want your selling profile on your Instagram account, then you should know how to obtain huge sales. The first step is to choose a perfect username and add a profile picture.  Tell your customers why they should do business with you, and provide all the required information and get connected with them through direct messages, provide links to your business and make use of other social network platforms, e-mail, etc.

You must provide a catchy and precise bio and the Instagram facts that you should follow to get success in your business, including what kind of pictures to share and account’s content. Also, you should post exciting and attractive content, and post your hand-made craft pictures to attract more customers.

Provide existing pictures of your products that you made, for instance, put a photo of a child holding your hand-made toy or picture of your products in the interior.

Pictures of your hand-made crafts during the working process can easily attract many customers. The individuals usually love to see what is happening behind the creating process.   People get interested in watching how these things are created. Also, you can attract customers by showing your new products and making them get as quick as possible. It is also advisable to take photos of your working items and working place, and items like knitting needles, spools of thread, yarn, paintbrush, etc.

Also, you should involve and interact with your followers. Encourage them to talk something, allow them to feel they are the part of your creative process. Create a friendly atmosphere, for instance, post a picture in your Instagram account and write a caption about your weekend, and ask other individuals how their weekend was. Write about how you spend your morning and ask your followers. Also, you can post two identical hand-made product photos with different colors and ask them which one did they like more.

Produce content to attract customers and ask them to tag their pictures with your products. Make sure, words of gratitude and appreciation for your craft will be printed under their pictures.  Make sure to edit your pictures so your profile looks complete. This can make your work look more attractive and aesthetic.

Should you be an articulate master of the word?

Instagram is not too verbose, it is more visual. That means you don’t need to provide a lot of content, but you can still provide captions. Be concise and articulate while providing the captions. You don’t need to be a professional storyteller; all that you need to do is provide a caption that attracts a bunch of audiences. Put some of the significant words in the beginning, and discontinue in the feed of your followers.

Make sure to describe your hand-made crafts in a caption, but don’t mention about the prices. Add some perspective, mention your inspirations, disclose the qualities of your hand-made and describe something about the making process. Produce some interactions, prompt people to discuss or interact something, and make them feel involved. Also, you should know how often and when to post.

Become an expert:

Like said, time of posting is very crucial. It is better to opt time so that you will notice everything of an individual feed. Select the time when there are more audiences on Instagram.

According to the researchers, people mostly check their feed in the morning hours, like when they woke up or they scroll feed before going to bed.  Besides, the most occupied time is 5 to 9 pm, and most of the people check their Instagram before leaving their workplace and also they will while going back to home, that is, between 5:00 pm to 7:00 pm.

Also, not many individuals post at this time, which means you can easily check your customers feed. Also, Lunchtime around 11:00 am to 1:00 pm is also the best time for posting. Remember, 9:00 am is not the best time at all for posting, as many people forced into their work at this specific time.

How to gain many followers?

If you are creating exciting content, and posting at the right time, but still don’t know how to get more followers, then you should know that more followers contain more potential customers. So, to gain a more targeted audience, you should coordinate with friends through your other social networks. For sure, they will not refuse to make friends, but, it is not enough for selling the account.

You have to use significant hashtags so that individuals can discover you by them. Mention what kind of hand-made it is, whether it is cross-stitching, embroidery, sewing, knitting, or something else. Also, mention what your hand-made craft depicts, it is advisable to use around ten hashtags. You can also use hashtag generator to produce relevant hashtags.

Follow and like those individuals who are showing interest in your product.  You can find the individuals by searching hashtags or among the followers of other hand-made sellers.  However, it is hard to follow or like a large number of people manually. It is a lot of time-consuming as well as a boring process. That is why people use the service that will make everything for you so that you can have more time to develop your creativity and creative process.