Pinterest and Instagram: Which is the Best?

Pinterest and Instagram: Which is the Best?

07/04/2018 2 By admin

One of the hottest trends in digital marketing is visual content marketing. People seem to be very interested in seeing the information they are looking for, rather than reading it on news articles. As the saying goes, one picture is worth one thousand words.

As a result, platforms such as Instagram and Pinterest have significantly increased the number of their registered members. They are indeed growing exponentially, reaching billions of users.

Though these two social media channels may seem like they share a similar concept – people post photos of their daily lives, the food they cooked and places that have visited, their goals are not exactly the same. If you dive in deeper, you can actually and almost immediately identify how these two social platforms differ from one another. Because of these differences, many marketers and entrepreneurs start to question “Which one is better?”

In principle, Instagram and Pinterest have some things in common. For instance, both networks are used to share and comment images. Just like the other social media channels, the interactions in these two social media networks help users build an extensive outreach. This means the more followers you have, the more your content will be noticed.

Instagram has just reached 1 billion users, while Pinterest has surpassed 200 million in 2017. This means, anybody can easily assume that using Instagram is a more effective platform. It would be very incorrect to assume this premise. In fact, selecting which one to use should be determined based on the marketing strategy you are going to use.

Purpose of the Site

Instagram and Pinterest have two different purposes – the first is primarily used for sharing your own photos. The second, on the other hand, is used more to curate and save content that is often uploaded by other users. Which means Instagram is more about sharing something personal, while Pinterest is more about discovering certain things. Because both platforms have a different purpose, they also affect how users interact with the content on their accounts.

Behavior of the Users

People go to Instagram to see curated images of the user’s personal life and experiences. These photos are often cleaned and filtered. They are definitely more visual-centric rather than being “informative”. Pinterest, on the other hand, is where people go to collect any information such as tutorials and DIYs. The photos you post on Instagram will not work on Pinterest, and vice versa.

Instagram and Pinterest Dynamics

Before determining which one is better, you must understand the key marketing attributes of both sites. People use Pinterest to pin photos on their board. Which means your Pinterest photos must compete and grab the attention of the users. On the other hand, Instagram users get to showcase their photos in chronological order. Users can only see your content if they happen to log in right after you published something.

Network Capabilities

Pinterest prioritizes the saving and sharing of images. This act is also known as repinning. Sadly, Instagram does not have this feature. Though you can add links to your Instagram Ads and post your link on your bio, Instagram is not the best place to share or distribute content. It is in fact better suited for improving a brand’s image or reputation. So if you are aiming to raise brand awareness, Instagram is the place to go to.

Aside from the fact that Instagram and Pinterest have a ton of marketing power, the two networks do not have much in common at all. So if you want to get involved in social media marketing, it is crucial that you understand that these two marketing platforms have their own pros and cons. To determine which network to pour more time into, study and understand your target audience.

Utilize the proper tools and develop a marketing strategy. By understanding the major differences between the two channels, you can customize your content well and eventually succeed in your marketing efforts for both of the sites.