Now you can Shop from Video Posts

Now you can Shop from Video Posts

12/05/2018 Off By admin

After amazing stories and posts attributes, Instagram is providing a new feature that allows you to purchase from video posts.

Now, the Instagram users can buy videos that they view in their feed, also, they can save posts to a specific “Shopping Collection” in the posts that they saved, and also they can look for brand profiles easily.

The new features that Instagram is creating are to provide a better experience to users and allow the users to benefit more using the platform. The perfect time for a change, it is the right time for the New Year holidays.

In the Instagram saved post, the new shopping collection sector looks similar to an online shop, apart from the parts that you particularly like. The posts are all arranged neatly in rows so you can easily browse your saved posts and buy the ones you want. You can do this using the standard bookmark tool.

On Instagram, only certain posts are considered shopping posts.  You don’t find every business has a brand page, which facilitates them to advertise through their profile.

Now, Instagram is allowing the business account to tag stories with their product, but now, the businesses can use videos in their feed as well.

With this new feature provided by Instagram allows the users to learn more about or buy the product that they find on their feed or stories, all that they need to do is click and find out.

The business accounts are also planning to redesign so all of their posts that are shoppable will be listed under a new shop button.  This makes it easy for individuals as they can treat a business page as an online store so that everything they can buy easily.