New Ways to Shop on Instagram

New Ways to Shop on Instagram

12/13/2018 Off By admin

Instagram is a favorite platform for many individuals as it connects their friends with the same interests in one place.  Also, shopping is a vital and sprouting element of the Instagram community. Actually, over 90 million Instagram users now affirm to disclose tags in shopping feeds/posts on the platform every month.

Recently, Instagram proclaimed two updates, which makes shopping easier on Instagram, even if you just want to browse your favorite brands or find something that you love to have.

Intensifying Shopping in Stories

In the month of June, Instagram started testing shopping in stories, and now they are continuing all over the world and intensifying to businesses in forty-six countries.  If you are watching out-of-the-sight stories from your proffered companies and see something you like, you just need to tap on the product to know more about the product.

Now you can Shop from Instagram Video Posts too

Over 400 million Instagram users go for the stories every single day to be closer to their favorite people and friends. That means 1/3 of the most-vied stories on Instagram coming from businesses, SIS (Shopping in Stories) allows business accounts to convey the story even more profoundly about their products.

Shopping is Discover:

Instagram also announced a channel for shopping in Explore page that will be modified to you.

Topic channels allow you to scroll all your interests and go more in detail on any topic you like to discover.

If you just want to shop for fun, then you can find a channel just for shopping posts from the companies you like and brands you follow. This particular feature has started rising today and it will soon increase all over the world in the next few weeks.

For some individuals shopping is not just a task, it is also about what you explore on the way.  For many individuals, shopping is a fun activity and it is the way to get connects and inspired with exciting new brands. That is the reason Instagram is popular as now it allows you to enjoy your shopping and do shopping as much as you want.