Is Social Media Marketing Really Dead?

Is Social Media Marketing Really Dead?

07/13/2018 4 By admin

Marketers frequently ask the question whether social media marketing is still relevant. Even up to today, brands and marketers continue to ask this question due to the fact that almost every social media platform is already governed by some type of algorithm.

In the past, 2008 was the best year for all businesses and marketers to advertise their products and services. This was the year when everyone had the freedom to spread their message to a larger audience without being restricted by the rules of the algorithms known today.

As the years go by, organic reach for businesses has continually decreased year after year, due to the erratic changes imposed by the social media creators on their channel.

One good example here is Facebook. Compared to last year, you have probably noticed that you seem to see fewer ads from different brands on Facebook. This is due to the new algorithm they have imposed that favors content that attracts more comments. Here is an excellent article by Forbes regarding Facebook’s new algorithm.

Businesses and marketers are fixing the issues they have encountered by allocating larger budgets for ads and analyzing the algorithm studiously to understand how they can work best with it.

They begin to realize that when it comes to platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, a connection between the customer and brand is truly critical compared to the number of likes they receive in every post.

Before you completely disregard the use of social media to boost sales, there is a way around to this dilemma. By distinguishing the best practices on how to use these channels, you can possibly tap into a resource that can help you stabilize your business for years to come.

After all, social channels are the places where your target customers or clients hang out. If you do not utilize these areas, then you could be missing out.

When it comes to social media networks, the only post topics with staying power are the content that users are interested in. This means you need to focus on creating content that is share-worthy. People in these channels like and share whatever peaks their interests, and not what companies want them to share. At the end of the day, it is still the users that you need to cater to.

If you publish content that provides significant value to users, there is an exceptionally high chance that people will start looking forward to your future posts and can even click the share button.

Remember, only valuable and effective content can cause users to decide if they want to see more posts from a given brand within their feed. This means every business or marketer should genuinely work hard to understand the social channels they enter.

Here are the top three types of social media content you can start using on your account.

User-Generated Content

This type of content is a brilliant way to increase your engagement, especially on Instagram. This kind of content shows your followers that you care about them. It also sends a warm-welcoming feeling for new and existing social media followers. Just don’t forget to tag and credit the original owner of the photo whenever you are reposting customer-made content.


Infographics are best used on Facebook and Twitter as they are the most socially shared forms of content. Since users process visual information quicker, using infographic content encourages users to engage more with your post.

Content With Strong and Positive Emotion

You have likely seen an emotional clip go viral in hours. This is exactly how this kind of content works.

Content that sparks interest is often times the one with the strongest emotions associated with it. Think about funny and inspiring videos – anything that conveys positivity. Your post should also have an element of awe, laughter, and amusement.

Even though some marketers say that social media marketing is dead, it is still excellent at boosting business profits when used right.

Whether it be informing customers about events or just reminding them that your company still exists, there is a wrong and right way to use social media channels. Make sure to investigate them well for you to incorporate the appropriate strategies to target your business goals.