How to Know If Someone Blocked You on Instagram?

How to Know If Someone Blocked You on Instagram?

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You are probably upset right now because you think your friend or sibling blocked you on Instagram. But don’t come to conclusions before you confirm if you were blocked or not. Sometimes, the person you think blocked you might have deleted their account or all photos on their account. In this article, we will talk about three ways to know you are blocked on Instagram, how to unblock someone on Instagram, and how to find out if you are blocked by the social media platform. Remember, this is applicable for both Instagram for businessand Instagram for individuals.

3Ways to Know You’re Blocked on Instagram

Wondering if you’re blocked on Instagram? These three tips will help you know it easily.

1. Go to the person’s account

Type the person’s account id in the search bar and tap on the user id. If you can see the person’s profile but none of the photos or videos, you are blocked. Instagram will display that the account hasn’t uploaded any posts until now. This means that the person hasn’t deactivated the account but simply blocked you. 

no photos or videos
no photos or videos 

2. Check if you can see the person’s photos and videos  

Sometimes, if you type the username of the account you think blocked you, you won’t be able to see the account at all. To confirm your doubts, access the account from a your friend’s account. If they can find the person who blocked you but you can’t, you are blocked. 

3. If the person has a private account 

If the person who blocked you has a private account, you won’t be able to find them on Instagram once you are blocked. It is a privacy policy held strongly by Instagram. 

In all these situations, make sure to not ask the person who blocked you the reason behind their actions. It is a personal choice they made and you shouldn’t invade their privacy. 

How can you unblock someone on Instagram?

Blocking and unblocking the easiest o Instagram. Here are different ways you can unblock people on Instagram. 

Unblock blocked Instagram account 

  • Step 1. Go to the person’s account and tap on their username. 
  • Step 2. Tap the three dots (horizontal for iOS devices and vertical for Android devices).
  • Step 3. Select unblock.

Unblock someone from commenting on your photos and videos

  • Step 1. Go to your account and tap on the three horizontal lines.
  • Step 2. Select the Settings icon and tap on Privacy and Security.
  • Step 3. Tap on Comment Controls and select Block Comments From.
  • Step 4. Tap People > Unblock.

If you want to block someone from commenting on your photos and videos, follow the same procedure. 

How does blocking someone look on Instagram?

When you block someone on Instagram, the person won’t be able to see the photos, videos, or stories you upload. They won’t be notified when you block them, so you are safe from any awkward questions. 

How to block user on Instagram who has already blocked you?

Out of anger, you might want to block a user who has already blocked you on Instagram. If you don’t want to block them, you can turn your public account into private, so you have more control over who sees your photos and videos. 

Blocking people who already blocked you 

You can only block people who have blocked you if you two have friends in common. Go to the mutual friend’s account and open one of the posts. If that person has liked the post, you can open the account of the person who blocked you. Now that you are in their profile, go ahead and block them. 

block people who already blocked you
block people who already blocked you

How to block the account?

  • Step 1. Tap the three dots on the person’s profile.
  • Step 2. Select block and your work is done. 

If you want to unblock the person, follow the same steps. Before you unblock anyone, decide whether it is really necessary. It isn’t healthy for your relationship, if there’s a chance it can be repaired. 

Am I blocked on Instagram?

Sometimes, Instagram can block your account on a temporary or permanent basis. There are several reasons why the social media platform might block you but here are top four of them:

1. Excessive activity on Instagram

According to Instagram, if you make more than 60 likes and comments every hour, you get blocked temporarily. It usually happens when you use a third-party promotion tool to increase the number of followers. It will also happen if you follow more than 60 people at a time. This is Instagram’s way of ensuring scammy spammers stay away from the genuine crowd. The limits are different for new accounts, which include:

  • maximum number of comments per hour – 30
  • maximum number of likes per hour – 30
  • maximum number of follows or unfollows per hour – 30
excessive activity on instagram
excessive activity on instagram 

2. Copyright infringement

Copyright infringement is when you post someone else’s photo without their permission. If you want to share someone else’s photo, ask them beforehand and tag them or mention their handle in the comments. The owner of the photo can report to Instagram and your account can get blocked permanently. If you aren’t blocked, Instagram will at least delete the photo you uploaded. 

3. User complaints

If some user thinks your account is a threat to them, they will report it. There might several reasons including mass liking, inappropriate content, insults, spam, and comments among others. If the person asks other people to follow suite, Instagram will look into and your account might get blocked. 

4. Violation of Instagram rules 

If there’s any way you are violating rules and regulations set by Instagram or social media, your account will be blocked. It mostly happens when you upload inappropriate content. Read the rules of Instagram before you upload any photo or video. Be careful about your thoughts on Instagram as it can violate someone else’s belief system and make them block you.