How to Hide Likes, Followers And Other Activity on Instagram

How to Hide Likes, Followers And Other Activity on Instagram

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Many people wonder how to hide your activity on Instagram for different reasons. Some ask how to hide who you follow on Instagram? Others are looking for answers to how to hide comments on Instagram. Some are again searching for answers to how to hide likes on Instagram. A handful is also looking for ways to how to hide pictures on Instagram.

It makes sense to hide activity on Instagram when you don’t want to your girlfriend to find out you liked the selfie of your ex! Sometimes people also want to hide followers on Instagram because they don’t want their colleagues to find out.

Whatever be your reason, we will explore how to hide likes comments and other activity on Instagram and tell you some tricks to get past the Instagram following feed.

How to Hide Activity on Instagram

How can I hide my activity from followers on Instagram?

The fact is, you cannot directly hide Instagram activity or hide Instagram posts. Your shares, likes and comments will be visible to your followers no matter what you do. You can choose to delete them or change your profile settings to lower your visibility.

The best way to maintain your privacy is to choose people wisely and like and comment on posts that will not cause any problem when viewed by others. We know this is not always possible, so we will tell you how to hide Instagram activity from followers by using some tricks.

Hide Instagram activity
Do you have Instagram activity to hide?

How to Hide Who You Follow on Instagram

How to hide who I follow on Instagram?

Well, you have two ways to Instagram hide following:

1. Switch to Private Mode

You can use this mode hide your followers from the public. Only the followers previously your list will be able to see your followers from now on. Anyone who wants to follow you will also require your permission. This option also makes your pictures and videos private and people who are not on your follower list won’t be able to view them.

Here’s how to switch on the private mode:

  • Launch Instagram on your mobile
  • Now select your profile by tapping on the bottom bar
  • Locate the button on top of the screen with three dots and press it
  • You are now in settings. Now scroll down to “Private account.”
  • Put the slider to on position by shifting it to the right
  • A warning may come notifying that people will now need your authorization to follow you
  • Select ‘yes’ on the warning to proceed
Hide followers on Instagram
Make your profile private to hide followers

Now your Instagram account is in private mode.

2. Block Followers from Instagram

If you are wondering how to hide Instagram posts from certain followers, then the best way can be to block those followers. Here’s how to do it:

  • Go to the profile of the person you want to block
  • Click on the button with three dots on top of the profile page
  • Select ‘block’ from the list that appears
  • Click on “Yes I’m sure” when the warning comes up

Congrats! Now you have successfully blocked the person from seeing your followers.

Follow People Wisely

The best way to prevent people from discovering your followers is to decide who to follow wisely. Don’t follow people who will cause a problem if they show up on your follower list. If you have followed someone by mistake, then just ‘unfollow’ them by visiting their profile.

Precaution is better than wondering can you hide who you follow on Instagram!

How to Hide Your Likes on Instagram

Can people see what you like on Instagram?

Yes, they can see the images and posts that you have liked. Now you may ask how to delete likes on Instagram? Let us tell you that you can’t delete likes, but there are some ways around it!

1. Undo Your Likes

How do you like a picture on Instagram? By clicking like on it! How do you unlike a post on Instagram? Just by clicking the like button again!

To hide likes on Instagram, just like the pictures again to undo the like.

  • Launch Instagram on your mobile
  • Navigate to your profile by accessing the profile tab on the lower bar of Instagram
  • Now click on the three dots on top of the screen to bring up the settings
  • Scroll down to “Posts You’ve Liked” to reveal the pictures you have liked
  • Select the image you want to unlike from the page
  • Once the image loads, scroll down and hit the like button again

Now you don’t like the picture anymore!

2. Post Like on More than 8 Pictures

Your Instagram activity feed only lets your followers see the eight most recent pictures you have liked. That means you can like as many pictures as you want and then just post like on eight random images- and no one finds out ever!

This is one of the best ways to Instagram hide likes.

Don’t Like Just Any Picture

If you know liking a picture might land you in trouble, don’t like it in the first place! Then you don’t need to ask can people see what I like on Instagram and never worry about privacy. That means keeping your hands off the like button on all those ex-girlfriend pictures!

It’s safer than asking how to hide your likes on Instagram.

How to Hide Photos on Instagram

You may find the answer to how to hide posts on Instagram, but the same doesn’t apply for your photos. Instagram doesn’t provide any options to hide your photos even if you make your profile private.

The images are still visible to the followers on your list. The only way to hide photos is to delete them from Instagram. A copy of the picture will still be saved in your photo library so that you can retrieve the image later on.

Steps to Delete your Pictures

1. Find the Picture

Locate the picture you want to delete. You can either find them in your Instagram feed or your profile.

2. Choose Delete

Click the button with three dots located under the picture on the right side of comment tag. You will see a list of options like email photo, share post and delete. Now hit delete.

3. Confirm Yes on Popup

Be ready when the popup asks for your confirmation. Select delete once more.

The picture will now be deleted from your Instagram. You may also want to delete the copy saved in the photo library.

Delete photo Instagram
Select delete when prompted to remove photo

Note: Some of your followers might already have seen the picture before you delete it. So don’t share any images on Instagram that you don’t want to be seen by others.

How to Hide Comments on Instagram

Looking for a way to hide Instagram comments? The only way is to delete your comment. Here’s how to go about-

1. Locate the Picture

Find the picture where you have posted the comment.

2. Click Comment

You will find the comment button under the picture. Click the comment button once again.

3. Select Delete

Put your finger to the left of the comment you posted. Now swipe right to reveal the reply icon and the trash icon. Now take away your finger from the screen and tap on delete.

Delete Instagram comment
Slide your finger to the right to find the delete icon

Be careful that you are deleting the right comment as you can’t get it back anymore.

You can use the above steps to delete your captions too!


How to hide followers on Instagram? You know you need to unfollow them or block them altogether! How to hide activity on Instagram? You can either unlike or delete your comments and pictures. But remember to switch to private mode before that.

How to hide Instagram account? You have to delete the account from Instagram itself!

We hope you have got your answer to how to hide Instagram activity, so you don’t need to worry anymore.

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