Best Instagram Bots in 2019: Real IG Followers?

Best Instagram Bots in 2019: Real IG Followers?

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Everyone loves seeing their Instagram account grow because that brings in amazing brand deals, emotional support from people who think alike, and getting more business. If you are a new and upcoming brand and haven’t tried bots Instagram yet, then what are you waiting for? No one has the time or patience to see their accounts grow gradually because that equals to a number of missed opportunities. If you don’t know about Instagram bots, don’t worry too much because we have the right article here for you. In this article, we will talk about different types of bots including like bots, top Instagram bots, and why you should get Instagram followers bot.

What is Instagram automation bot?

Brand image is important to potential buyers as it helps them build trust. However, trust building is a lengthy process and eats up a huge chunk of your daily work schedule. Also, you might be a student or a working professional with no extra time on your hand. In such situations, the easiest thing to do is hire a manager, which is an expensive affair and not too practical. 

A better solution 

A more practical and cheaper alternative to managers is an automation bot, which acts like you on Instagram and performs all activities that you normally do. You can set different parameters on the Instagram bot tool including hashtags and accounts to target. 

find followers
find followers 

It actually works 

The tool sounds too good to be true but makes a great early investment in your brand or influencer image. It is fast and efficient as it lets you interact with your followers while growing the count at the same time. All of it gets done with the least efforts. 

Discovering potential customers 

As a brand or an influencer, it is important to have potential customers as your followers because you are on Instagram to sell your products. As an influencer, you will use affiliate marketing to earn passive income, so collecting good potential customers should be your ultimate goal. 

Benefits of using Instagram bot free

Whether you use a free Instagram bot or a paid one, you will reap amazing benefits from the automation tool. Let’s take a look at top three benefits of using bots on Instagram:

1. Bots for Instagram offer better exposure 

In a small amount of time, your account is exposed to thousands of prospective customers. The best part of using bots is that you can customize your target audience, so you are completely optimizing the money you spent on it. 

2. Free Instagram bots increase follower count

Even though in the beginning, bots give you an account with followers to make you look authentic, it helps you to increase the count later. It likes images and videos on your behalf to encourage the accounts to follow you.

free bots for followers
free bots for followers 

3. Affordable 

It is way more affordable than hiring a manager and other marketing strategies. Once you have a good follower base, you can invest in other strategies as they tend to be more effective with a higher count. 

3 types of Instagram bots

An IG bot is designed to achieve maximum efficiency. There are three different types of Instagram bots but the best Instagram bot is one that fulfills its responsibilities. Let’s take a look at the three types:

1. Instagram likes bot

This type of Instagram bot follows and unfollows other accounts and likes and comments on posts on Instagram. It is just like an assistant would work. This keeps you active throughout the day and automatically increases your engagement. 

2. Auto direct messages 

If you want to handle the following, likes, and comments on your own but don’t want to manually send welcome messages and updates on latest product launches, discounts, and giveaways. 

3. Schedule posts 

The third type is called schedule posts and allows you to upload posts during high traffic time. You don’t need to manually open Instagram and edit the photos in the middle of work, which can lower productive. Instead, you can edit and schedule the post on the previous night. 

4 best Instagram bots for you 

1. SocialCaptain 

When it comes to finding the best bot for Instagram, there’s no one better than SocialCaptain. Many of their clients have reviewed that the bot brings in real followers and drive engagement. You don’t have to separately purchase likes and comments as you will collect genuine followers that will be more than eager to support your brand and purchase products from you. 

2. Iconosquare

Iconosquare is another amazing advanced social media management service that helps you grow your Instagram account organically. The Instagram bot app will also increase interaction and engagement. It is not only about liking and commenting on other people’s post but also developing your brand’s image. Many social media professionals use Iconosquare because it is efficient and delivers what it promises. 

3. Buffer 

If you want an automation tool that handles all social media platforms including Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest, Buffer is the right one for you. The tool only works on Windows desktops and laptops. You can sign-up for the 14 days trial version before purchasing the paid version. It is an awesome tool as you can manage multiple platforms at once. It not only saves precious time but also saves money. 

4. Instanobel 

The last automation tool on our list is Instanobel. Just like the others we mentioned, its primary goal is to increase engagement by boosting your organic follower count. It performs a variety of activities including publishing posts, liking and commenting on posts of other people, and sending welcome messages and updates to followers. You can choose whichever package you want and see the results. 

Alt text – signup on instanobel today Out of all four tools, Instanobel is our favorite because it has separate and affordable packages for all types of Instagram accounts. Sign up for the free three-day trial today!