7 Reasons Why Social Media Is an Essential Ingredient for Restaurant Marketing

7 Reasons Why Social Media Is an Essential Ingredient for Restaurant Marketing

01/20/2019 Off By admin

Social media started from tiny, fun experiments 15 years ago and has now become the fastest growing industry in the world. This boom is not just the result of social interactions between consumers; it is also due to the inclusion of many businesses that use social media for promoting their brand.

According to a survey, 33% of consumers specified social media as their primary means of finding products and offers. Restaurants are not behind in this trend either, with almost every other restaurant having an active social media profile where it promotes its content.

If you are running a restaurant and are still not utilizing social media to its utmost potential, here are some reasons that might convince you:

1. Building a Brand 

Many restaurants provide good deals and offers that are popular, but to establish your brand, you need to provide reasons to stick with you. Social media will help you retain customers if you post interesting content with informative facts about your food. 

2. Cost-Effective

Using social media platforms such as Facebook is free. Furthermore, you can get cheap online advertisements, which are especially effective for small restaurants as they are significantly cheaper and offer more scalable options than other marketing channels.

3. Higher Customer Satisfaction

Social media creates a more personalized, interactive customer care environment than, say, a hotline. When users post complaints or reviews on your page and receive replies just like they do from their friends and family, it creates a more comfortable and personal experience.

4. Greater Website Traffic

After SEO and online ads, social media tends to have the highest potential for generating traffic. If you share your restaurant’s content on social media, it can generate more traffic for your website and ultimately more customers will visit to place orders.

5. Enhanced Engagement

Social media gives you features such as Facebook Live and Instagram Stories to provide engaging content such as Q&A sessions, which will help you know your customers better. 

6. Conversion Opportunities

By building your following on social media, you can have an influence on people. You can convert people by posting content such as persuasive images, articles, videos and infographics that provoke a positive reaction. 

7. Better SEO Rankings

Having your presence on more than one social media platform with a decent activity can boost your SEO rankings. Search engines such as Google consider your social media presence as well. Hence, you can organically increase your restaurant’s exposure and ultimately get more foot traffic.


It is estimated that in the next five years, social media will expand more than twice its size right now, given its annual growth rate of 25%. If you are running a restaurant or any business for that matter, it is crucial to have a social media presence. Not having it means selling yourself short and not utilizing a great channel for your success.