7 Helpful Tips To Stand Out On Instagram

7 Helpful Tips To Stand Out On Instagram

08/09/2018 Off By admin

Instagram is an effective medium to showcase one’s brand. In fact, there are a lot of talents who have been discovered through this platform.

Whether you are an aspiring model, a photographer, a makeup artist, sculptor, a digital artist, or a small business owner, there is one goal here, and that is to create a cohesive and stunning feed.

Aside from the basic steps in creating an amazing feed, you must also consider how to make the entire account cohesive for you to stand out. The social media landscape is already very crowded. The obstacle now is how to make your profile pop in a sea of other Instagram users.

1. Do not be afraid to tilt your phone.

Publishing a standard photo will appear generic. Do not be afraid to tilt your phone at any angle to get the best shot.

Today, the most popular angle used by many Instagram users is flat layout. But you can also experiment with other angles like shooting an object from the ground to add depth to the photo. Interesting photography angles appear more intriguing than simply capturing a front-view of an object like everyone does.

2. Sometimes, no filter is the right filter.

It is Instagram’s filters that make your photos stand out. This is probably why there are so many Instagram users who somehow feel a bit pressured to use them. But remember, there is beauty in simplicity.

A raw yet high-quality photo ultimately beats a filtered low-quality image. On top of that, you need to maintain the overall look of your account in mind. If you have started using filters at the very beginning, make sure you use a similar one in the future as well. If you have been posting raw photos, then it is a brilliant idea to keep your future posts unfiltered.

3. Adjust the brightness and the contrast.

It is absolutely fine to skip out on the filters in Instagram. After selecting your photo, you can immediately adjust its brightness and contrast.

You can also rotate the image, add frames and more. Although some people prefer to use the filters first, it is important that you adjust the two most important settings before anything else (brightness and contrast) so that you can clearly see its effects on your raw photo.

4. Have a keen eye on photo selection.

If you have read one of our previous posts, the fourth step in creating a stunning Instagram feed is by being selective of your photos. On top of that, you also need to have a keen eye for assessing whether the photo you have selected is worthy to be posted.

Every person who is serious about their Instagram game should already have a planned layout for their account. If the photo you have selected does not seem to fit in the frame and the overall aesthetics, do not hesitate to junk it away.

5. Use hashtags appropriately.

The only way to search on Instagram is through the use of hashtags. This means if you want to be found, you have to use the appropriate hashtag for your post and niche. Using them properly will not just help you gain more followers, they can also increase your likes and comments.

Check out the profiles of the people or businesses in your niche and see what kind of tags they are using.

6. Determine the best time to post and be consistent.

Consistency is key to a continuous influx of Instagram followers. However, just because you are posting content every day does not mean you will gain more visibility than the others. Standing out on Instagram is more strategic than that.

Some say that posting on Thursdays and Fridays are the best days as people are already tapering off with their work week. Some people also stand by posting at late night hours as this is the typical time when folks start to power down and relax. Knowing the best time to post takes some trial and error, especially when you have different markets to cater to.

7. Use the geo-tagging feature.

We have all done this before. Users, customers, and clients tend to use the search bar on Instagram to find establishments such as restaurants, bars, resorts or camping sites.

As soon as we find an image that is tagged to the location we are searching for, we immediately open it and check if there is more to see on their account. By geo-tagging your location, you can encourage others to check your post and possibly follow you.

Now that you know some of the tips to help your Instagram account stand out, it is time to put everything into practice. Start by clearing out the photos on your phone that you think will never pass your Instagram standards.