6 Ways to Get Real Instagram Followers with Automation

6 Ways to Get Real Instagram Followers with Automation

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Getting organic followers when you just started an Instagram accountis difficult. Not seeing the count increase can demotivate you but with automation tools, you won’t feel like that anymore. Automated Instagram stays active on your behalf throughout the day and interacts with different people. Other accounts start following you and engage with your posts. With Instagram already testing out strategieslike not showing the number of likes in a post, it becomes more important than ever to have the right strategies.

This article is all about how you can increase real Instagram followers using automation tools. 

Why your Instagram account needs an automation tool?

An automation tool is an amazing marketing strategy for people who are just starting out on Instagram. You can use it to advertise the posts you upload and promote the products and services you offer. It not only boosts your follower count but also drive engagement, which is important for a startup’s success. 

Here are three reasons your Instagram account needs an automation tool:

1. Brand exposure

You can select your target audience on Instagram bot accounts based on their location, age, and interests. Even though they might not follow you immediately, they will check out your account, and follow you the next time your account appears on their timeline. In the initial days of your startup, you have to aim at brand exposure because that would take you a long way. 

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2. Low-cost packages

Automation packages are simple to use and affordable compared to personal assistants and managers. All you have to do is purchase the package and forget about it for a month. You can concentrate on growing your business offline and launching new products so that the organic followers that you find turn into loyal customers. 

3. Time Saver 

Handling a busy school or work schedule and a new Instagram business can be difficult and stress you out. Handing over your account to an automation tool will make managing different things easier for you as it follows people on your behalf. After coming home, you can reply to comments and answer people’s queries. 

3 ways you can use Instagram bots free

1. Automate follow unfollow bot

Automation tools follow your target audience on your behalf. It can find and follow other Instagram accounts depending on your requirements. You can set different preferences including hashtags, location, age, and the celebrities they follow. These tools comply with Instagram policies and allowyou to adjust the number of people the bot follows. At the same time, you can unfollow spam accounts, which protects you from getting suspended on Instagram.

2. Automate comments 

You can use automation tools to post neutral or positive comments on posts of your target audience. You have complete control over the text as you can customize it on a daily basis, so the comments are relevant and don’t sound fake. If people reply back, you can interact with them after getting home. 

3. Automate direct messaging 

Using tools is an effective way to welcome your new followers into the family. It promotes a trusting relationship between the two of you. The message can be as simple as – Thanks for the follow. You can also send them updates about your online store, new product launches, and sales. The best way to encourage them to continue following you is giving them discounts or free products on their free purchase. 

automate direct message 

3 more uses of Instagram automation bot 

4. Focus on quality content creation

Since you save time spent on following other Instagram accounts and liking and commenting on their posts, you get extra time to work on core business activities including designing products, learning photography to make your posts more aesthetic, and better customer service. 

5. Focus on interacting with your followers

Interacting with followers is an amazing way tobuilding a long-lasting relationship with them. When you automate most of the work, you have enough time to reply to comments and solve doubts about your brand. You can interact with them via live chats, question and answer feature, and stories features. Let your followers know the personal side of your business and they will appreciate the efforts.

6. Unfollow bot accounts 

When you follow other Instagram accounts, don’t expect all of them to follow you back. Only 20 to 35 percent will follow back. It doesn’t make sense to continue following those accounts. You can use the automation tool to unfollow them. Also, you can only follow 7,500 people on Instagram, so use the count creatively. 

Best way to automate Instagram

Use it from the beginning

Every business account needs a push in the beginning, so if you are small account and ready to put in the efforts, start with an automation tool. It is the cheapest and the fastest marketing strategy to boost follower count. We recommend using Instanobel, one of the best automation tools in the market as it is affordable, all followers are organic, and you get to try a free three-day trial before buying a package.

Don’t use more than one bot at once

Don’t get too greedy and add two bots on your account at once. Instagram will notice the suspicious activity and suspend your account or even ban it. The platform is one of the most popular ways to market a brand and you don’t want to lose such an effectivemarketing strategy. 

Check bot activity regularly 

It is your responsibility to check bot activity regularly. A good way to ensure that is changing the follow, unfollow, like, and comment limit every two to three days. Also, aim for a small growth in numbers as a rapid increase will alert Instagram spam police. Change the hashtags regularly, so your brand is exposed to a larger target audience. You can also change the location frequently to escape the spam checkers. 

Use the methods we suggested along with the automation tool and see your account grow rapidly. 

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