6 Instagram Facts That Will Change Your Business

6 Instagram Facts That Will Change Your Business

12/08/2018 Off By admin

Instagram Specifics That can Change Your Business:

Instagram is one of the best social media platforms, which you might have heard many good things about it. But, at the same time many people have their own doubts, they don’t like to believe the statements without sufficient proofs or statistics. That is why we have decided to promote the potential facts of Instagram, and how you can use this platform for your business promotion.

Fact 1:  Most individuals have an Instagram Account. Also, they get followers, likes, and views.

According to approximate calculations, by the 1stJanuary 2018 global population is around 7,444 billiard people. The recent statistics show that, in total, around 400 million people are using Instagram globally. It is a simple math problem that shows that every 18thperson on the planet Earth holds an Instagram account.

This number proves that Instagram is one of the largest social media networks that many individuals have an Instagram account. But, Facebook is in the top position that has around 2.5 billion users are using the platform, which means every 5thindividuals has an account in FB. Instagram is the platform that is the perfect option for business dealing compared to any other social media networks that presently exist.

Fact 2: Instagram has a higher engagement rate compared to FB and Twitter:

Account’s content

You might have heard that Instagram has a higher engagement rate than twitter and FB. But, many people have this question that what is it that separates those social networks? And the other vital fact is what influences the business?

As per the estimation, Instagram users are approximately 58 times more occupied in business brand’s profile movement than Facebook users, and around 120 times more followers than on Twitter.  Also, it is vital to consider that FB and Twitter take the first and second place likewise in the top of the famous social media networks globally, whereas Instagram is in the 7thplace.

However, to explain why there is so much difference, we don’t have any particular reasons, but just a few guesses. The foremost theory that we have is that Instagram places importance on the image side of the global understanding, and that is why the social media platform does not dissolve the functionality of the site with extra function, including video player, music, communities, and more text.  That is the reason this network is very easy to use as it does not allow you to go into extreme details.

The Instagram engagement rate shows the number of comments, likes, replies the regular posts acquires on different platforms. High engagement rate on Instagram means that if you put some content on your company account, it gathers more publicity than sharing the text or picture on FB or Twitter. This is because, on Instagram, approximately 2.62 percent users will surely reply or like the post, but for FB and Twitter the percentage will be around 0.045 percent and 0.02 percent accordingly.

People under 35

Also, Instagram is a platform for younger people, and around ninety percent of users are younger than 35 years.  This can help you understand your target audience, and you will know exactly who is going to see the posts. But, the choice is yours; you can either choose this specific network or search any other one that is more convenient for you.

That is why, currently many old brands started using Instagram to allure young audience, and that is why it is considered the best alternative too.

Fact 3: The competition on Instagram is Insensitive:

To get more than seventy million videos and photos published every single day on Instagram, you have to make sure to be remarkable and impressive. As per the previous fact, you can raise millions of followers on Instagram, but, it is totally not possible if you have published a remarkable video or photo. It is also a fact that the new users on Instagram can stay unidentified for several years even if they try hard to be different.

That is why we come into the picture, and we are honored to say that we are popular among many users. Our ADM (Auto Direct Message) service creates a live communication feed between you and your subscribers so that you can avoid sending messages manually.  This can help you develop a trust and warm relations between you and your audience, and to be honest, it is an amazingly effective method to enhance a number of followers.

With our services, you can get around 2.5 billion likes daily and 90 million comments every single day and you don’t need to worry about getting blocked.  With our help, you can start your journey to the fame of Instagram.

Fact 4: Hashtags are Important:

Hashtags are like tiny helpers on a difficult trip to the famous Instagram profile. The design of Instagram is created in such a way to drive higher famous posts/accounts, leaving out less fortunate creators.

To come out of this infinite circle of disapproval you have to allure new viewers with hashtags. This is because lots of Instagram users always search for the new content to subscribe as per their interests. That is why you need to use hashtags to impress new customers.

Over 80 percent of Instagram Posts contains at leaser single hashtag in captions. Also, experts suggest to have at least nine and maximum 12 hashtags, this is because this number can bring more engagement to your posts and content.

The hashtags that you use must suit the content that you share on your account, and also, it should be exciting enough to get individuals attention. For the use of obtaining the most popular and relative hashtags, we suggest you try generating hashtag using hashtag generator. It is very easy to use and also very convenient.

Fact 5: Posting Agenda is a Key to Success

Most of the Instagram users check their account regularly and in some individual check at least once in a day. Whereas, around 30 percent users check their account several times a day. To maintain the pace of your followers, you have to regulate your posting graphic as per their daily schedule.

The first step, you must analyze when the subscribers get time to check their feed. This information leads from the statistical information about your followers, including their sex, age, home country, etc. For instance, if the target audience is rich women between the age of 25 and 35 years, it is doubtful that they will open their account during the middle of the working day.

Posting plan is fairly practical for your effort too. To begin with, you can use a delayed special posting bot to generate content in advance, and then just order the bot when you want it to publish the content. Secondly, with program posting, your subscribers will expect your posts and because of that, the audience of your profile will be at the peak when it is really required.

All in all

Instagram is an ideal social network platform for publicity by all probabilities. We believe that you don’t ask “Why you need an Instagram brand’s profile?” any longer. But if you ask “How should I instigate it?” Then we executed our job successfully.