4 Simple Steps To Create A Stunning Instagram Feed

4 Simple Steps To Create A Stunning Instagram Feed

07/17/2018 1 By admin

One of the most powerful and modern social media tool today that helps generate sales and put businesses on the map is Instagram.

But as the space on this channel gets more crowded, brands and users are growing more and more eager than before to produce a stunning feed that can capture audiences and encourage them to engage.

Once your chosen audience is captivated, they will stick around, so long as you continue to deliver the same quality of content. As you build up your feed while following a consistent theme and aesthetic, you will eventually convert some Instagram users to loyal followers and customers.

Step 1: Know Your Audience

The very first step to creating the most stunning feed is by identifying who should your Instagram feed appeal to?

You have to know what they like, hate, love, and even laugh about. The better you know who your audience is, the better you will become in selecting the best posts for your feed. Aside from publishing photos, you must also remember that they need to have an effective appeal to your followers.

Ideally, your analysis of who your audience is should contain the specific topics they would most likely be interested in. For example, if your business or brand sells activewear for women, targeting people who maintain a healthy lifestyle and diet, then your posts should contain motivational quotes, jokes and other posts like simple healthy food recipes and exercise tips. These are on top of the products and services you sell, of course.

The better you know who your target audience is, the more precise you will be when it comes to posting content. The more targeted your posts are, the more they will like the content.

Step 2: Have a Mood Board

If you are just starting to become more active in Instagram, or you simply want to start fresh, having a mood board to start with will assist you in building up your brand’s IG aesthetic.

You can collect photos and join them into a collage as well to create a mood board. On top of this, you may find inspiration from other Instagram feeds that you truly admire. You can utilize them to develop a similar content and achieve the kind of look and feel you want on your feed. Pinterest is an excellent place to search for inspirations and ideas.

Another trick to setting up a mood board is assigning certain keywords on them. For example, you can use the keywords, clean, luxury and minimalist if you want your feed to look this way. These are the keywords you must always live by when selecting an image to post on your account. Do not be afraid to utilize the bookmarking tool on your IG account as this will come in handy if you are running out of creative juices in you.

Step 3: Keep A Consistent Layout

Using similar filters will help keep your Instagram feed layout consistent. On top of this, it will help you curate a natural flow to your content. This does not mean you can only use one filter for all photos. You only need to select similar filters that look well together to help you stay close to your selected aesthetic. Remember your mood board and the keywords you have selected as these will also help you stay within your theme.

You’re not limited to the filters on Instagram. In fact, you can use just about any other photo editing apps you can find. Every photo editor showcases different filters which can solidify the entire look of your Instagram feed.

Step 4: Be Selective of Your Photos

It is indeed difficult to make your Instagram feed look amazing.

Some users with straightforwardly post almost anything on their feed. As much as some people would love to make their Instagram accounts as their personal albums, it can still act as your digital and visual contact number. This means the accounts of businesses, brands, influencers, or anybody who is representing something needs to be particular about their photos.

The best way to assess whether your selected photo for the day could be used is by previewing your feed in a grid format. By doing so, it helps you assess whether the photo you are currently editing will fit on your perfectly curated Instagram feed. That being said you must practice mustering the self-control to not post any photos that simply do not belong with your aesthetics. Do not risk your concentrated theme for a single post.

When it comes to Instagram, it goes without saying that the quality of your images is of utmost importance. Blurry photos and other photography mistakes are not going to cut it and must be avoided at all cost. Follow the four steps above to achieve the most stunning feed you have ever created.